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I have a new site and my isp has sql server. I need to be able to create tables and indexes remotely. Are there any tools/utilities you know of that would assist me in this task. I do not have access to and SQL Serve client software from MS at this point.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 1999



I believe you will need to get the SQL Server client software. I don't think you can get this directly from Microsoft. You can, however, get it from Computer Discount Warehouse at You will need to search for 359-00276 which is the part number for MS MSOL SQL CLIENT ACCESS LIC V7.0 A. When you purchase this from CDW you get the CD as well. The cost is $120. Or you might talk your ISP into letting you map a drive to their CD to install the client software.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, April 26, 1999

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