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I've seen these problems posted before, but haven't seen clear answers (unless I'm missing them.)

1. I charge shipping based by weight. The calculations are correct up until the time the order is processed. Shipping charges are correct on my customer's confirmation invoice, but on the order itself that I recieve (with credit card info, etc.) the shipping is always way off, like $28.00 instead of $4.00. Any fixes for this??

2. Customers using AOL - regardless of version - end up with empty carts when they choose the "Buy It!" command. Any fixes for this??

Aside from these problems, I really like this cart. The customization options are very cool. :-)


-- Beth Kosler (, April 25, 1999


Q# 1. You should check the subroutine send_verify in smart.cgi and make sure the shipping charge calculation part is the same as in sub send_order since it seems to be working in send_verify but not send_order.

Q# 2. hmmmmm?

-- Mike Lynne
(, May 10, 1999.

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