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A few weeks ago I've bought a hawkeye instantmatic. Now I would like to know how many were made and what is the value of it in this life.

greets Maarten.

-- Maarten Schapendonk (boxcam@hotmail.com), April 25, 1999



Hi Maarten,

You can probably get the information at http://www.thompson-grp.com/fix/images/instamatic.htm which is "Joe's Kodak Instamatic Web Site. By the way are you from the Netherlands? I just moved here 2 month's ago.

Take Care and Good Luck

-- Chuck (Chuck9toe@aol.com), April 27, 1999.

reply to Chuck

Hi Chuck.

Thanks for the information. To bad it is still under construction And yes I live in the Netherlands in a little town cold Waalwijk

-- Maarten Schapendonk (boxcam@hotmail.com), May 08, 1999.

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