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I am looking for software that can set up and print multiple photos on one reg. sheet of computer photo paper. For example, two 5x7 or maybe a 5x7 and a couple of wallet size photos. I've tried Picture It99, but it is very unreliable! If anyone has a recommendation, that would be great. Thanks, Vickie

-- Vickie Cole (, April 24, 1999


This would be extremely easy with PhotoShop and any desktop publishing application such as Adobe PageMaker or InDesign. Stay away from QuarkXPress, their tech support and customer service are terrible.

-- Darron Spohn (, April 29, 1999.

Micrografx Picture Publisher is a great package and costs far less than the others listed here. Ed

-- James E. Cox (, May 02, 1999.

QimagePro will do exactly that. I use it exclusively to make multiple prints on one sheet. You can find it at:

(you may have to copy/paste the URL to get all of it.


-- Ron Erdody (, May 20, 1999.

Microsoft picture it 2.0 works the easiest. Nick

-- Nick (, May 21, 1999.

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