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I thought you could find anything on the Internet, but I'll be damned if I can find one single photograph of raccoon poop! We have something pooping in the yard -- it's too big to be a cat, and there is secure chain link all around so it can't really be a dog. It doesn't look like dog or cat, anyway. We've had raccoons before, but I don't really think they're around now, or if they are, they're the most polite, nondestructive raccoons ever.

Thus, my next guess is human, the usual culprit downtown. But it doesn't look human, either. (Man, I need to get a hobby, don't I?) If anyone has any familiarity with raccoon poop, could you please, um, describe it? You can do so privately if you're shy.

-- Beth (, April 24, 1999


Beth, I have a friend who moved an old house. Before it left its original location I was given the grand tour. Since it was vacant for several years the 'coons had taken up residence. The evidence of their folly was still present. Raccoon poop is not turd-shaped. It is pretty dark in color and looks more like a pile than a log. At least that's how raccoons in SD poop.


-- Susan Hoffmann (, April 24, 1999.

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