Minox C and built-in filter

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Hi, I just noticed that when I open my Minox C there is a thin ridged piece of metal above the viewfinder's outer window. When I slide it toward the lens, it engages what I believe to be a neutral density filter over the lens, and I assume the meter window as well. Is this correct? If so, should this neutral density filter always be used in sunny situations? Thanks... -bob

-- Robert Butler (rbutler@tlxnet.net), April 23, 1999


Yes, the build in ND filter of Minox C engages the meter automatically. Base on sunny shutter speed= 10*ASA rule, when ASA >100, sunny shutter > 1000, hence out of range on C, then you must use the ND filter.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), April 24, 1999.

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