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This from Daren Henderson Daren ( /, on April 16, 1999...

Microsoft Y2K Product Analyzer Microsoft has released its Year 2000 Product Analyzer. Download the free software and run it, and you'll find out which of your Microsoft software the company thinks is compliant. For the software it thinks isn't compliant, you can click on a web link to download patches that Microsoft thinks can upgrade it successfully.

Visit the website below for complete details and access to the software!

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And this today from Chris Apgar...

Microsoft Windows 98 & Y2K Bugs

Chris wrote: The following appeared in InfoWeek's e-mail newsletter regarding Windows 98 and newly identified Y2K bugs. It seems there is no Y2K bug free MS operating system!


Microsoft has identified three more "minor" year-2000 bugs in its Windows 98 operating system, and will release fixes soon, the company stated Wednesday. The three fixes will be issued in a few weeks on the Windows Update Web site, according to a statement released by Microsoft, and in the June issue of the company's Year 2000 Resource CD. The fixes also will be included in the second edition of Windows 98.

For the full story:

-- Bill (, April 23, 1999

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