I have created a small program to write the database file.

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i have created a small program that simply writes the database file for you.... works like the admin script but offline so yo dont have to be online to create the database it works on all windows platforms if you would like a copy please e-mail me and i will send it to ya...

-- Mike Gardner (logik@prodigy.net), April 22, 1999


Please, send me your program ! i think it's a very great idea !


-- Sibastien (s.septfons@idealcoms.net), June 16, 1999.

Yes please, send me your program !

-- Espen Xverbye (oeverbye@pcparts.no), December 14, 1999.

please sen me your program, i seams great

-- Kevin F (nubben17@hotmail.com), February 16, 2000.

dude, sounds so good. send me that program and if you need something i'd be glad to help you out...

-- andy (ndee341@hotmail.com), February 22, 2000.

it will be nice from you to send me the program,thank you!

-- mounir bennis (mouncifb@hotmail.com), May 25, 2000.

Please send it to me too. Thanks in advance...


-- R. Bluer (mayday0001@hotmail.com), May 25, 2000.

Please, send me your program... and thanks daniel

-- Daniel Brenner (daniel@wpro.com), March 11, 2001.

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