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If anyone is interested I have duplicates of a vacuum storage machine that I have been using for the last three years which allow the use of ordinary mason jars to vacuum-store coffee.

Besides being a high power/quality bag vacuum sealer it includes an adapter that can be screwed down on top of a regular wide mouth mason jar lid. A line extends from the machine to the adapter and a flexible seal on the adapter creates the vacuum. When the line is removed from the adapter ambient pressure seals the lid in place and it can be additionally sealed by the screw band.

I've stored roasted, unground coffee in these (Ball lids work best)for months with little deterioration of freshness.

I've got five of these and will sell them for $75 plus shipping from Placerville, Calif. (east of Sacramento). No pictures available as I lack a scanner.

-- Steven Schreck (, April 21, 1999


What do they look like and how much space do they take up?

-- Mike Rose (, May 14, 1999.

I have used one of these vacume units for several years now and love it! At times I have ordered Espresso from Cafe de Arte, or Vivace in 1 or 2 lb. quantities,and since I can't use it all before it goes stale I vacume seal it. I have opened a jar as much as a month later and got the same results as a just opened bag! Now that I roast my own beans I use it more often for storage after a roasting binge, when I roast 10 or more kinds of coffee and over a period of time cup them or try them as diferent blends. It helps keep them fresh because I can't possibly drink that much coffee, but I like to have the large quantity availiabe for experimenting. $45.00 is a great deal, they are well over a $100 in all the outdoor catalogs like Bass Pro Shops.


ok lets talk, are they new never used, used in good shape, parts missing? im interested e-mail me direct.........WILL

-- will h. keene (, August 22, 1999.

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