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Does anyone have experience using the infrared "Nightshot" function on the Sony TRV9? If I'm shooting a documentary scene in a dark bar, is it a function I should experiment with or am I better off with some sort of portable light or lamp attachment?

-- Julia Morrison (, April 21, 1999


A friend borrowed my TRV9 and shot a birthday party at a bowling alley/bar. If there is some light, the night shot looks good. The talley light acts like a IR light and illuminates everything with a monochrome sort of look. The people who had been drinking had large pupils and the camera records the infrared heat from the retinas, so everyone has glowing "zombie eyes". It is an interesting look. I now have the sony 3w interview/IR light. It can allow you to see up to 100 feet in a no light situation.

-- Jim Bridge (, May 05, 1999.

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