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I am trying to find out which camera to buy for my productionteam. We run low-budget. How does this camera perform? How is the audio and is there anything I should concider instead within the same priceframe?

Yours sincerely

Jesper Jack TV Producer, National Danish Television

-- Jesper Jack (, April 21, 1999


jjc-- Yes, I have TRV-900 (my first digital camera)that in itself is impressive.Compared to some- much bigger 3-chip cameras that I have, its not bad.The audio is very good..Canon just came out with one to compete with the TRV-900,I think its called GL-1 ,its about the same cost . I also heard good things about it. A friend is looking at the GL-1 ,so I will know more about it soon. I think either one is a deal.But buying the camera is only the start ! now we need DV decks .

Good luck, Ben

-- Ben Bennett (, October 11, 1999.

Its been a long time since you posted this, but this site seems to have all you might need. 900/

-- M.S. Iyer (, October 26, 1999.

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-- jack robin (, August 08, 2003.

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