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I'm thinking of buying an XL1 - does it matter what in camera audio it has (2X16 bit, 4X12 bit) if I'm going to use an external sound device (DAT or min-disc)? Brendan

-- Brendan Somers (, April 21, 1999


Brendan, Do you mean that you'll be recording your sound externally on a DAT or mini-disc? Other than logistical considerations, why? Mini-DV has DAT-quality sound if yo ushoot in 2x16bit mode.

Personally, I've never had a reason to shoot in anything other than 2x16bit. When doing ENG/documentary type work I usually use a combination of a medium-range shotgun mic (Sennheiser k6/me66) on channel 1 and a uhf wireless lav mic (Samson UM1) on channel 2.

-- John

-- John Windmueller (, April 22, 1999.

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