30K for transfer? No way out?

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From what I gathered it costs just a few grand to shoot a feature in DV (assuming you own the camera and editing equipment) but costs a whopping 30K for the transfer to 35 mm. Isn't there a way out? No cheaper way?

I saw the movie 'Celebration' (shot in VX1000 and trasferred to 35mm) and the quality wasn't great - less quality and lot of grain. Can somebody throw some light on this issue??

Thanks Raj

-- Raj (dr2films@hotmail.com), April 20, 1999


The Celebration was shot on a Sony TRV-9 (a one chip camera, if you can use a VX1000 it will be better). They also used only available light, if you spend the time and money it will look better. And yes there are cheaper ways to transfer to 35mm. Try a place called Ringer Video in Burbank, CA, or DuArt in New York.

-- Harry Noyes (calgold@cogent.net), April 20, 1999.

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