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Hi all:

I was considering graduating to 8X10 transfers from 4X5, but it seems to entail a significant investment (processor, Daylab base, damn expensive film). Have other people made the leap? Is it much more difficult (ie. more liftoff problems)? Most importantly, are the results worth it?

Do print blowups of digital scans look much better for 8X10 transfers as opposed to 4X5 ones?

Which processor do you recommend: manual or automatic?

Any and all comments would be appreciated..



-- charles shahar (charles@jon.cjfny.org), April 20, 1999


Response to graduating to 8X10 transfers


Check ebay. I bought a very nice condition 8x10 processor complete for $220.

-- Mac legrandi (fontpro@usa.net), June 04, 1999.

Response to graduating to 8X10 transfers

I can't answer your query about scans (because I don't do them) but (i) yes, I find lift-off problems more prevalent, but also (ii) yes, the impact of the larger images, with that incredible texture, is much greater--or so it seems to me. I can't afford to give up the smaller sizes but the occasional 8x10 work is gratifying. Let us know if you find ways of dealing with the lift off problems. (I've consulted Kathleen Carr's marvelous book and Holly Duppree's online manual-- but haven't yet mastered the 8x10). Good luck.

-- Margery Franklin (mbfranklin @earthlink.net), June 28, 1999.

I have recently made the leap to the 8x10 format and while it is quite costly, the size and texture of the 8x10 format is worth it ( in my humble opinion ). I was having some problems with the emulsion lifting off at first, but then I employed the technique of pouring simmering water over the back of the negative before separation...this has remedied the problem. Thanks goes out to Holly Dupre for that tip! Good luck!


-- Bill Mull (bbmull@digisys.net), December 30, 1999.

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