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I have a P-II m/c with 64Mb Ram and I'm connecting VB6.0 and Sql Server, both on the same m/c. I have made a sample db of 5 fields and around 10 records. But connection is too slow . A general query takes nearly 20 secs. to load. I'm using an ADO control and Flexigrid. My purpose is that I want to create a generalised form having an ado control and a flexigrid. On clicking a certain toolbar button I want a specific query to be passed to the form. which will then resize the flexigrid accordingly. Another prob is that i want it work over a n/w so it must be a little faster. I'm new to sql server, so do not know exactly what to do.. Please e-mail if me if u have a solution fro my problem Bye.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 1999



It is difficult to debug perfomance problems via email, but looking at the specs you list for your machine I think that you do not have enough memory for good performance. The way you describe it you are running VB 6.0, SQL Server, and NT (which should be NT Server as SQL Server on NT Workstation is not supported) on only 64 MB. The machine may also be confused as to which tasks to give higher priority to.

You may find that by setting up a well endowed SQL Server separtate from your client machine you will get better performance.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, June 04, 1999

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