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What price range should one expect to pay for a Riga Minox? Is it possible to obtain one in exceptional condition? Anyone have one for sale?

-- Bob Woods (woorob@msn.com), April 19, 1999


Riga Minox is one of the much sought after Minox collectibles. Prices varies depending on condition of the camera. You expect to pay $1000 and up. Unless you visit camera swap meets (not the on line ones ).

The best place to look for a Riga is on line auction house


You may also check the buy/sell board at MPL, or put up an ads there (free).

Minox Processing Lab classified ads

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), April 20, 1999.

Bob, The short answer is "it depends." There are many rare variations of the Riga, and some will command extraordinary prices, even in less than sterling condition. These include USSR marked or re- marked, German occupation re-mills back to "Made in Latvia", of cameras that were originally stamped USSR, Nazi engraved ones that can be documented, early marking variations on back plate and lens window, and the very rare "Patent App." engraving, and ultra rare 12- tooth Riga. (Don't go by the total serial numbers that should have been made with 12-tooth claws, most of these were replaced by three tooth claws by the factory early on as they gave trouble, so only a handful survive today with original takeup claws.) Additional rare dial variations, eyelets and other oddities also command a premium. Any of these can command sums that might make that $1,000 figure look like pocket change! A truly "mint" Riga can be obtained, and they do occasionally surface. These will go for over $1,500 to perhaps $2,000 if a mint original case and/or box and papers are also included. A typical ordinary Riga in clean shape with signs of use, but no scratches or dings will go between $1,200 and 1,500, one with light scratches or a tiny nick or dent might be in the $1,000 - 1,200 range. Try Woodmere Cameras, Brooklyn Camera Exchange, Don Chatterton, and several other dealers who get Rigas on occasion. They are all listed in Shutterbug magazine, your best source for tracking down second hand Minoxes. A word of caution, Rigas tend to be cantankerous. Some will run like new, others will hang up a few months after a CLA. The lubricants sometimes gum them up, as does a hung up flyweight, both of which will cause the sector timing gear not to reset, meaning no slow shutter speeds. Listen carefully to a Riga as you twist the shutter dial from low to high speeds and back. You should hear a nice crisp buzzzzz as the timing gear resets to slow speed. If not, it is balky, it will need a CLA, at least. Also, some Riga parts are no longer to be had. If it breaks and DAG can't fix it, you will have a nice paperweight.

-- Michael J. Vorrasi (MVorr99@aol.com), April 21, 1999.

Riga Minox stamp

Minox GmbH issued a Riga Minox stamp folder in 1994.

j On page 3 of this folder is a piece of genuine unused Estonia 1994 stamp :

There is a short biography of Minox inventor Walter The price of this stamp has risen considerably. I paid about US$6.00 for this Minox 50 year stamp in 1996. Now you have to pay $20.0 -- a jump of more than 200 %

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), April 22, 1999.

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