Why are folks not using this forum?

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I do not understand why this forum is not being used. Is it because people do not know about it? Or is it, as someone suggested, because some folks do not like Minolta?

About one week ago I subscribed to the Minolta Mailing List listserv. I unsubscribed last night because I had been away for four days and had about 400 emails waiting for me when I returned. I cannot deal with that volume. So there are plenty of Minolta users out there, and I wish I could have continued with that listserv, but it is too busy.

Incidently, while in Anchorage I stopped in to the local camera shop to buy an infrared remote for an Olympus P&S. As I was about to leave I asked if they thought they would be getting the Maxxum 9. They had three of them, and I ended up buying one for 1500.00, and no shipping costs. I would have paid 5 cents less at B&H if they had one (I understand they do not) plus about 30 or 35 dollars FedEX shipping!

It is a great camera!

-- Joseph Allen Worrall Jr. MD RDMS (jworrall@alaska.net), April 19, 1999


Hello Joseph

It baffles me too! I guess that's why we still have VHS instead of Betamax, the PC-connector is still with us, the MAC OS is slowing losing ground...the inferior platform always triumphs and it appears that the current active netizens who are Minolta users are happy to keep on using a clumsy mail-server list format.

Please give this forum a chance. In time, perhaps, more will find it and a new group of Minolta users may form. Please continue to post interesting articles, links, images, questions or answers here. I shall be most interested in reading your review and comments on the Max 9. I shall add mine if it ever gets delivered :( I'm still waiting for mine, and to think that they have three up in ALASKA!

Thanks and cheers...rene.

P.S. Sorry if I seem to be carping about the MML.

-- rene (renequan@bigfoot.com), April 23, 1999.

Because no-one knows about it.

I (a photo net user for several years) have only just found it, by means of a link on the "WWW Photo Zone" site.

-- Leif Goodwin (lgoodwin@racalinst.co.uk), September 28, 2000.

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