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How do I make a vcd of a mpg - it puts it in the wrong dir on the vcd (\segment) why does the program do that - there is no problem with dat files om an orig. vcd

Please help me

-- Sorry my english (danish)

-- Jesper Madsen (, April 19, 1999


Did you figure out the way to solve the problem yet? I'm having the same problem you had before.


-- Wong (, July 17, 1999.

It is a bug in your program. Get another one.

-- The Lone Ranger (, July 17, 1999.

Do you mean the easy video cd creator having a bug in it? Or just the patch file I downloaded from their web site.

-- Wong (, July 21, 1999.

There is a problem with the Adaptec software. Regardless of the version. You need to get new burner software.Try Nero or NTI CD Maker or some other software. Just make sure that you check out the software's compatibity with your burner. You can download demo versions from the Web. The NTI software can be download from: Information on the Nero software can be found at

There is also more information at

-- Steve K. (, October 22, 1999.

VideoPack 4.0

-- Mike (, November 04, 1999.

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