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Hi Folks, Does anyone have any photos of ACL diesel E-3 number 501? I am working on an article, and especially need photos of it in the original purple scheme. I will carefully copy any photo to negative, return it safely, and give proper credit if used. Any leads would be appreciated, even if it is a sugestion on who to contact. Many thanks in advance. You are welcome to call as well at 919-662-5408. Marc

-- Marc L. Hamel (gigsup@aol.com), April 19, 1999


Marc, I have an oversize (4"x6") that shows #500 in the purple scheme near Lake Worth Florida. It is a left quartering view and shows most of the left side in a fair amount of detail. The card says it is an FEC photo by Harry M. Wolfe courtesy of the Jonathan S. Nelson Collection. The card was printed by Richard E. Cox, P.O. Box 15902, Sacramento, CA 95852-0902. I purchased it at the North Carolina Transportation Museum, in Spencer, NC. for about $1. I'm sure they have more. They also have a website. Hope this helps

Ken Barber

-- Ken Barber (kbarber@gte.net), May 09, 1999.

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