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The Millennium Management Blueprint(R) (MMBP) was developed to help local leaders manage community preparedness since only local government is in a position to provide the leadership needed to bring together all of the various citizen, business, and government groups that need to cooperate for the common good. A free copy is available at [will open in new window for viewing - "direct" link below].

The MMBP is the result of an ongoing collaboration of professionals in government, y2k-related technical disciplines, emergency management, community groups, non-profits, contingency planning, and other disciplines. Information is also available at [direct link] about several MMBP-related free workshops for local leaders. The Blueprint and workshops are made available without cost or obligation.

Sometimes y2k brings out the best in folks.

Best wishes,

Leon A. Kappelman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Business Computer Information Systems
Associate Director, Center for Quality & Productivity
College of Business Administration, University of North Texas
Co-chair, Society for Information Management Year 2000 Working Group
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-- Leon Kappelman (, April 19, 1999

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