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There's something new going on in film processing.

.dr5 , a reversal B&W process that produces spectacular chromes.

Chromes from 'any' B&W neg. film.

Unlike SCALA, this film will print, scan, & dupe with ease.

Check out the posted URL for more details. ALSO, be sure To check out the 'FAQ'.

For those that have heard of .dr5 , we are now affiliated with The largest lab on the west coast. AIM a sister lab of A&I color.

This merger does nothing to change the quality. AIM will handle all Shipping and receiving.

Thanks for your time.



-- drwood (, April 19, 1999


Hi "D"..Check out my question and Andy's answer Re: using URL LINKS when referring to posted sites...(and it's so-simple to do)...hmmm?...hah...ED.

-- ED Cherney (, April 20, 1999.

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