emergency y2k candles, safe, clean burning, natural wax

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Are you interested in becoming a local distributor of y2k emergency light source>

Very Important Notice: Contact us today!

A new product to add to your on-line store:

Most candles are made with a carcinogenic toxic substance: paraffin. Paraffin is the left over residue from gasoline refining. Candleworks offers a clean-burning, 100% natural solution: Long burning candles made from soybean oil grown in America's Heartland. Each candle burns 60 hours $44 for one dozen (shipping is included in price): one dozen provides 720 hours of emergency light. These candles are safe, non-toxic and burn clean without the black soot created by paraffin.

We will pay your company a commision. Phone Mike Richards at 319-337-6316

-- Mike Richards (Icanwork@aol.com), April 17, 1999


Boycott this. Buy from someone else. This guy spammed numerous threads on this forum, totally off topic and a selfish, blatant disregard for all the work people have put into this site with their contributions. Just to make a buck for himself.

He also has been picking up personal email addresses from the posters here and sending them the same spam to their personal Inboxes. I've been spammed before, of course, by people getting my email address where ever it may be but I've never seen someone try to trash a web site by multiple postings of the same in-your-face buy my product garbage.

Boycott this guy and his product. Buy from anyone else.

-- Gary (njarc@ica.net), April 18, 1999.

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