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Are we to assume that the story line for Lucy and Dr. Carter is over or just beginning?

-- Tammie (, April 14, 1999


I think that this is the beginning of a long relationship between these two characters. It's not going to be romantic for awhile but I do believe that they will become friends but still have that sexual tention which is so much fun to watch

-- Anne (, May 15, 1999.

The romance is officially dead. Carter and Lucy will have new love interests in the sixth season, all that wonderful tension and chemistry is wasted, and they will just be doctor and student. By this time next year, June 2000, we'll all be happy with their new loves. I predict that we will see VERY little of Lucy because she'll be up in psych - as a student, not a patient. This will be a good deal for Kellie Martin - she'll get paid, she'll get to put ER on her resume and she won't have to show up for work very often.

-- Cheryl (, June 18, 1999.

Lucy going to be around next season, she way to popular of a character not to have her around. I hope next year they will establish Lucy as a character and then hopefully in season 7 her and Carter have a romantic relationship because Lucy won't be a studen anymore so Noah Wyle won't have any excuses. Its going to be fun watching them n the mean time.

-- Karyn (, June 20, 1999.

I think that the story line between Lucy and Cater is just beginning because there is so much more that the writers can to with their relationship. It will probably be really strung out to keep people in suspense but it the end I'm sure they'll get together and will make a really cute couple! At least I hope that they will and even if they don't stay together forever they could always "just have great sex"!

-- Clare Oliver (, July 09, 1999.

I think they should wait till she's no longer a student. Then I know they'll slowwly pursue the relationship in order to keep the audience in suspense. But I really do think they should hook up sometime.

-- (, July 11, 1999.

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