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I was going through C of Ga Official List No. 53, dated November 1,1957. On page 39 under passenger car heading, it lists 50-58, 60-62 ....Box Express.....Steel Underframe....Built 1922....Length over sills...40' 10 1/2"...etc.etc..... I have numerous resources and C of Ga photos, but cannot find anyone so far who is familiar with these cars. Would really like to model them, but need some information and photo(s). Any help is greatly appreciated.

-- Robert Yancey (xxcrossing@aol.com), April 14, 1999


Robert, I think I may have an answer to the express cars. In the Images of America CG book on page 85 there appears to be a 40'car with a outlined monogram, (i.e. similar to some of the covered hoppers) on the other end of the cars appears to be 3 lines of text, possible Railway Express Agency lettering. If you then compare this photo to the one onthe bottom of page 94 you see a similar monogram on a boxcar, while the car it is coupled to has REA lettering. It also appears that these cars have the tounge and groove siding and that could match up with the 1922 build date.I've looked at the photo on page 94 for a long time trying to figure out the unusual monogram and it makes since that this is a CG express car . Todd Horton

-- Todd Horton (Centga@aol.com), April 18, 1999.

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