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I have found that TMX at E.I. 100 works very well for me outside in bright sunlight/cloudy conditions. Inside without flash (eg. near a window or with tungston lights) the results are dissapointing (low contrast). Has anyone else had this problem? Any comments on a sloution?

Thanks in advance.

-- Michael Haas (, April 13, 1999


Shooting indoors you're encountering much lower contrast light, and you're apparently used to contrasty light outdoors. It is also possible you're underexposing the film indoors.

If you shoot in flat light, you'll get flat negs. You could try increasing the development of the neg to increase contrast, but this assumes you're shooting an entire roll under the same lighting conditions. You can also try increasing the contrast while printing.

Double check to make sure you're not underexposing, perhaps try bracketing down a couple of stops and see if you like the results better.


-- Dana H. Myers (, August 09, 1999.

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