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I have recently purchased an island property in the Furneaux Group of Islands in Bass Strait. I am wanting to incorporate as much environmentally friendly and sustainable energy products and concepts as possible into the development of this property. I want to install a waterless composting toilet. However, all the info I have so far been able to obtain requires that the composter be directly beneath the toilet pan. The house on my property is a converted farm shed on a concrete slab. Short of digging a cellar beneath, I cannot locate the composting unit beneath floor level. Is there an above ground alternative which can be located against the external wall behind the toilet? Or, can the unit be located in an external void dug against the outside wall behind the toilet? Or do I have to build an elevated "throne room" inside to take advantage of this technology. Any guidance from this forum would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Rossi. Puncheon Island.

-- Pat Rossi (, April 13, 1999


Composting toilet

I think you can buy chemical toilets that only need a step up of about 12". Apart from that you could talk to Leigh Davison who is the local champion of composting toilets.Leigh Davison E-mail Address(es): David.

-- David Roby (, May 09, 1999.

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