"lossiness" of flashpix

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I am interested in buying a Kodak dc265. It saves in JPEG and flashpix. I need exceptionally good resolution which is why I am interested in a camera that takes a 1.5 megapixel picture, but I can find no information on how lossy the fpx format is. Does anyone know? Thank you.

-- chris horton (chrisrh@unity.ncsu.edu), April 12, 1999


The FPX format that Kodak Digital Camera uses lossy compression. The quality of compression is similar to that of the JPEG equivalent (10:1 I think).

-- Rommel Feria (r.p.feria@ieee.org), April 17, 1999.

In most cases the flashpix unit of a digital camera uses the JPEG unit to compress the tile data in the flashpix file, so the compression rate is allways the same in JPEG and FlashPix...

-- Andreas Goertz (goertz_a@etech.fh-hamburg.de), June 01, 1999.

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