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Having been to the C.A.B and asked advice on my current situation ie about to be taken to court by lender for repossesion they offered to take the case up for me. I just wondered if anyone had had any dealings with them and if so where they good or bad?

Thanks for the help,


-- jenne Holmes (, April 11, 1999


Any CAB should be able to provide you with the following free, impartial, confidential and independent advice on possession proceedings:

court procedure for possession proceedings; your rights to remain in your home; what offers or strategies are likely to be accepted by the court; advice about dealing with your other debts.

Some CABx have specialist money advisers (debt counsellors) who may be able to come to court with you and represent you.

Sue Edwards National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux London Region

-- Sue Edwards (, April 14, 1999.


They have some good material on various issues to deal with repossession. I would call or visit your local branch to see what they have - it may well help you.


-- Lee (, April 15, 1999.

I myself am a Money Advisor at Nuneaton CAB. We take referals from our general advisors as well other departments such as the local Council, Social Services etc. We help to draw up a financial statements and then with your permission try to arrange an offer for arrears of the mortgage before the court hearing. We also represent at the county court and again will try to arrange a [payment that you can comfortably afford and clear arrears in a reasonable time.This can be as long as the mortgage remains.We also have a CC rota with other local CABx who will pick -up clients at the actual hearing and give instant advice. If need be we will open a file and continue our money advice for all arrears - non-priority included, and do regular reviews on your situation until you feel you are able to manage them again yourself. Any further questions then please donot hesitate to contact me.

-- Maxine Maybury - Money Advisor (, June 27, 2000.

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