Pigeons and Container Gardens

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I live in Michigan, where is just starting to become warm enough to begin my second foray into container gardening on my third story patio. Problem is, the a couple of pigeons who inhabit our apartment complex appear to have taken up squatting rights in a couple of the containers this year.

Any suggestions for a good way of deterring this behavior? (since the sight of my cat plastered to the plate glass door only seems to amuse them...)

-- Julie Raybon (chimera@umich.edu), April 09, 1999


I wonder if one of those fake owls would work? The only other solutions I could find suggested putting something like Tanglefoot down, which seems like an awfully cruel solution. (That's sticky stuff that traps animals when they walk on it. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with the pigeon at that point -- probably kill it, I guess. Ick.)

If you go for the fake owls, you're supposed to move them around occasionally so the birds don't clue in to the fact that it's made of plastic. If this really works, then birds are even dumber than I thought.

-- Beth (garden@xeney.com), April 10, 1999.

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