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Capers Jones: Contingency Planning for Municipalities

-- Mitchell Barnes (, April 08, 1999


Yo Mitch, Capers Jones' (where'd he get that name? is what I always want to know), Municipal Contingency Planning Guide is also available in its latest incarnation (the March 5th, 1999 - Version 4 version), in the Resources section of Steve Davis & company's mighty good community prep Coalition 2000 site ( Plus the print's bigger, and the margins are narrower which makes it a little nicer for reading and printing.

Good section on small towns in it too. Ironically, what he suggests there - when in comes to communications between strapped-for- technicians/resources towns - was one of the first things I saw that this forum software would be excellent for. Anyone who reads that section and thinks it sounds like a good idea ought to give this forum software some thought. It's an easy to implement and use, accessible, very low cost/maintenance, Internet communications system any of the departments on his list (in neighboring towns), could use to communicate/share info about what they're doing. Maybe even coordinate

Or have them drop me a note. I can set these systems up in my sleep. It'd work like a charm. Infinitly better than a listserver, and they can of course be password protected (so we the public won't have to "be burdened" with whatever degree of "complexity" our local authorities may be encountering).

The direct url of that newest version of that guide is Y2KUrban99.htm

Lae tair

-- Bill (, April 08, 1999.

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