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To shoot a movie using Sony PD100 (3ccd), what is the basic lighting needed? The movie is a drama/comedy - has mostly outdoor scenes, a few indoor (well-light house) scenes, some car shots and a couple of night scenes.

I am learning some basics on lighting and also putting together a (low-low) budget. A list of ligthing equipment would help a lot.

Thanks much DK

-- DK (, April 08, 1999


Here's what I do... Go to and sign up for a free catalog. Go through it and decide what kind of set up is best for your shoot. The most basic setup is a 3 point lighting setup, involving a key light, fill light, and back light. Find out the specs on the kit that is best for the shoot, and inexpsensivly remodel your own version of that kit. Go to a local home depot and buy a few of those 500w halogen work lights (they are ususaly yellow and black), take the cage off, and use them as your 3 peice set up. you may want to buy a few stands and an umbrella (a photo umbrella) to be used as the fill light. I was able to remake a $2,000+ kit with stuff from home depot for about $100. Email me and I'll let you know where you can find some more info about basic lighting setups.

-- Chris Penney (, April 21, 1999.

I did get Lowel's catalog, but I wasn't willing to buy one of their smallest cheapest light kits for $800. So instead I went to local camera stores and found a really good light set, 2 lights,2 stands in a 1000 watt kit for $150! So I will buy 2. Also check out B&H. I have heard you can just get cheap lights at home depot if you really want. But make sure that you get a lot of GELS, SCRIMS and BOUNCECARDS! These are what make the difference. Scrims you can make from screens from Home Depot, gels you can buy anywhere, blue is great, and bouncecards and reflectors are easy. Craft or Art store has big white foamboards. Simple and cheap and effective. My friend is a really great grip in LA and said that is truly all that matters. good luck!

-- Anna Harrison (, March 11, 2000.

A cheaper option is to go to They have a basic photolight flood and quartz kit starring around $400.

-- Bob Smith (, February 16, 2001.

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