what's the tips for backstroke starting.?

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I found starting of backstroke is quite difficult,like those butterfly kicks below the water surface..i always find myself floating back to the surface in a short time.Also...i can't enter the water without my whole back touching the water,since the best is in a point.

-- Victor (ccpui@usa.net), April 08, 1999


It will depend on the age group you swim at. The key is to arch your back upon entry and once under water pointing your hands will put you where you need to be. If hands are pointed up then up you shall go and likewise, if they are pointed down then they can keep you under long enough for the fly kicks to be effective. This should also keep you under the wake to give you an edge over other competitors.

-- Jody Lentini (alentini@ibm.net), May 09, 1999.

The best way to start backstroke is to bring your whole body out of the water, and push off the wall with all your might. You should try to re-enter the water hands first, then head, and then body while in a tight streamline. Begin to dolphin kick your way to the surface, making sure to breath out your nose (thus no water up your nose). Once you reach the surface, begin the stroke!

-- Elizabeth Boul (beththefish@juno.com), March 25, 2000.

I am new to this forum but would like to pass on some info. First a great source of swim info is in the book by Dr. Whitten "The Complete Book On Swimming" I often copy sections for my son and daughter to help remind them...tips. The start;Place your feet on the wall(touch pad),with your toes just below the waters surface. Ofcourse grip the bar of the starting blocks. When youhear the starters command, "Take your mark" pull yourself up in the crouching position. Because its tiring, do not take this positionuntil you hear the command. At the sound of the gun tilt the head back and swing your hands sideways in a circular motion. Push off the wall and arch the back slightly so you can clear the water's surface.A clean entry is essential, enter the water hands first, then upper torso, then legs, trying to have all body parts go through the same hole.

An excellent source is The Complete Book On Swimming by Dr. Whitten. I find myself often copying a section for my son or daughter for little reminders. As always remember, Deep water is fast water.

-- michael rafferty (micrafferty@aol.com), October 10, 2000.

In the Back Stroke start it is a common mis conception that when they say take your mark that you pull yourself up and out of the water in the crouching position. You Should acculy pull yourself twords the block but not up. You will naturally take of up and out to a perfect arched entry proceeded with the correct body position to kick under water. When you pull your self up you mainly slip on the start and land on your back loosing all forward momentum and entry depth.

-- Coach Ben (swiftswims@cona.net), December 22, 2004.

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