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Hi Everyone:

We are in the process of changing many things here at Billy's Site. The most exciting thing is Billy now has his own domain and will be at You can take a look now but we still have to do some updating. He will also have his own e-mail address soon.... he won't be able to answers all of them but he does read everything that comes into him as he always has.

I do like the idea of setting up times to be in the chat room and I'd be more then happy to set up time to be there so e-mail me with your best times and we can set something up. With the new site we will be changing the main page more often.... hopefully weekly... so everyone will know what's going on.... Down the road we will be having contest and giveaways..... I guess what I'm saying is we've listen and are making the changes that fans requested.... stay here with us the best is on it's way.....

Oh and I've saved the best news for last Billy is going to be in a weekly TV show for ShowTime called Beggars & Choosers...... Playing a TV agent..... I'll have more on this as information is made available.


PS If you happen to see any broken or outdated links on the new site please let me know.....

-- Greg - WMFC (, April 07, 1999


thank you . i have been searching high and low for something on mr.mcnamara . i am one of his biggest fans . there are just so many things i need to know about him . not only because he is extremly great looking, but is also a terrific actor . I did actually find an address for him once and did email, but with my luck of course I failed to recieve a reply . If someone could get me in touch with him it would be greatly appriciated . On another note it is my birthday on aug.25 and might like to hear from him by then, it would be a wish of mine however possible or not, I'm sure you can understand my thinking if you are any kind of fan as I . Thank you !

-- jessica green (, August 07, 1999.

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