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I have a fairly new esco hydro that has a mitsubishi plc controller. Mathus recently told us 1- Esco is out of business and 2- The Misubishi controller is now obsolete and that the software for it can not be bought, so if the unit goes down the customer will have to buy a new controller. Does anyone know is all this true??

-- john kinnings (, April 07, 1999



what quite often happens in these cases is that some smaller company buys up the production rights to so called obsolete parts, bets off asking around


-- samuel vella (, April 12, 1999.


Hey John... This is a late response, but not if you are still wondering... Parameters don't change, but you should record all this info on paper for when the time comes you do have a problem...Also you should pull all chips and burn {copy} new ones for backup...This is where you will get stuck...If a chip becomes corrupt and your programmer doesn't know how to restore the info...If you have backup chips, you just pull it out and put in the new backup chip ... Better safe than sorry...and youll be sorry if the mechanic does not have the info to restore the program or parameters...


-- Joe.. (, June 07, 2000.

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