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Could somebody please tell me who Dr. Feuyd is? I have never heard of him. Also, I have heard so many rumors about the scenes that were cut from the movie. I have heard that these will be on sale for the public to purchase. Has anyone else heard this and if so, when will they come out? I am just dying to see the scenes where Rose stabs herself with her fork and breaks her mirior, the scene where Jack and Rose walk about the decks after the 3rd clas party, and the scene where Ruth wants to return to her stateromm for a brooch. Here's a little trivia, in the film Titanic left port at noon but really it left at 12:15:02, just 2 seconds late. People who showed up late would have been dissapointed.

Thanks all.

-- JoshH (, April 05, 1999


Response to Questions...

They are talking about Dr. Sigmund Freud, famous for his studies about sex.

-- Lynae (, April 06, 1999.

Freud was also an influential man in other aspects of psychology--his work on the interpretation of dreams, published in 1900, made quite an impact on society.

-- Nonnie Parker (, April 14, 1999.

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