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I develop mainly with xtol and tmax. I have read that you need anywhere from 100-200 ml of xtol/roll of film, depending on the type of film. I was wondering if anyone has had trouble using only 100ml or what other people use.

Also, I use Tmax developer and (usually 1:4 dilution) and was wondering if anyone has read how many ml of tmax/roll is needed. I use a rotary processor and was curious if anyone has seen underdevelopment developing two 36 exp rolls using only 50ml of tmax on any types of film.

Thanks for any info.

-- matt carson (, April 05, 1999


Dear Matt,

I do not know how many ml of developer Kodak recommends. But dependent on the volume of your rotatry processor you need a corresponding amount of developer. Is there no information included in the leaflet for the rotary prossecor?

Regards Wolfgang

-- Wolfgang Holz (, March 29, 2000.

The Kodak site has data sheets on all their developers. The capacity of each developer is stated. It may be by the number of rolls per quart/liter/gallon. In that case just divide to figure out how much developer per roll is needed. If the numbers are given as so many rolls per volume, then so many more rolls at a longer time. Then you can either use the larger amount for the normal time, or a smaller amount for a longer time.

As far as I know, Xtol is the only one with serious limits on the quantity. As I recall, you should have 125 ml per 36 exposure roll of film of undiluted developer.

In a rotary processor, you may not be able to use high dilutions without using a larger tank, not full of film. I know that is true with the Jobo 1500 series of film tanks.

-- Terry Carraway (, March 30, 2000.

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