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I4m very interested in the works of the artist Sarah Sze. litterature, pictures etc. would be great to.

-- Ebbe Dam (, April 04, 1999


I am also looking for info. on Sarah Sze. I do however have some, which you may or may not know about. She had a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, IL over the summer. A very small book was put out about her and the show.....The essays are by Staci Boris and Francesco Bonami, the exhibition curator was Staci Boris as well. The ISBN of the book is 0-933856-60-1. I have an issue of frieze magazine that has an article about her as well. The issue is #48, which i believe is the September issue. I found a picture of her with her work, it is located on the WWW at If you have other info than this, I would appreciate you sharing it with me. Thanks!

-- Lynn Bailey (, October 13, 1999.

there's abook published by thames&hudson on her. real comprehensive stuff,but iguess you've probably seen it.every thing from untitled (studio)1996,to everthing that rises must converge 99-2000.the earlier work seems to be more about placement, then about 98 she starts to add some fucking amazing architectural forms.along with her, you should check out jason rhoades,thomas hirschhorn,john bock and of course richard tuttle. there seems to be somthing happening here,this magic of cords,crackers,cloth,plywood,heaters.

-- metando welo (, February 20, 2001.

she's currently putting up some pieces for the SFMOMA, the show, "art in technological times" opens early march. these pieces will blow your mind, nuff said.

-- gareth spor (, February 21, 2001.

Thought you might like to know that Sarah will be doing her first large-scale outdoor piece for the Center for Curatorial Studies this summer. There will be a catalogue published in September that documents the project & at the same time promises to be the most substantial book on her work to date.

-- elizabeth fisher (, June 09, 2001.

PS. The Center for Curatorial Studies is at Bard College, New York

-- elizabeth fisher (, June 09, 2001.

I had the oppurtunity to interview her at length. Too much to say in a quick note, but if you would like to discuss further e-mail me.

-- Oliver Robilliard (, October 08, 2003.

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