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I was wondering if anyone might know which, if any, camera stabilizers are worth their money. I'm shooting on the trv 900 and would like to get some dolly-like shots. The Steady Tracker looks really good, but the Steadicam JR has the reputation. Can anyone offer assisstance? I appreciate it.

-- Xandy Smith (, April 02, 1999


The Steadicam JR works great with the VX-1000, and that's about the heaviest camera you'd want to put on it (with extra counterweights. The 900 is under 4 lbs., right? Either way, practically speaking, you'll need good arm and shoulder strength the use it smoothly.

Watch for the JR price to drop now that the new-for-1999 DV-steadicam is out. Also, more used JRs may appear (I just sold mine this week for $300--sorry!).

The new dv)steadicam was specifically designed FOR the heavier cameras like the Canon XL-1 and the VX-1000. I very recently bought the whole rig, including the arm/ vest to help distribute the weight (and allow for longer shooting days--just what we need, right?!). It's a wonderful combo, if a little pricey at $2K.

-- Edwin de Jong (, April 16, 1999.

For any and all info directly related to the VX-1000 and the Steadicam JR please visit my website at

Trust the JR over any Glidecam product--Honest and professional opinion/no endorsement from Cinema Products. It just plain works!

Write me anytime!

John Brune

-- John Brune (, October 27, 1999.

Let me say I'm new to the whole filmmaking deal, I'm just about to start shooting my first film now. However, my suggestion would be to forget about a SteadiCam and go handheld. Another idea would be to get an object with wheels (wheelchair, skateboard, etc.) and balance the tripod on that...stability and mobility, all in one neat package.

Earl Newton

-- Earl Newton (, February 23, 2000.

Check this out!

Homemade stabilazers!


-- Igor Trajkovski (, December 26, 2000.

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