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I noticed in the Southern Railway diagram book v. III that the CoG had 200 50 ton, 38'-3" pulpwood racks in the 15000-15199 series. These were leased from the SL&SF 5000-5199 cars and were built in 1951-52. Based on the diagram, they look to be very close to the Atlas cars just released. Does anyone have any information on these cars and/or a photo? I would like to know the years they were under lease and whether there are any decals available for them.

-- Larry Puckett (, April 01, 1999


These cars were exactly like the recently released atlas models. they were leased to C of Ga sometime between 1959 and 1967. That's all I have from my records.

Nick Molo

-- nick molo (, June 15, 2002.

I remember seeing these cars here in Monticello. They were painted yellow and I believe they had CofGA markings. The Central was leasing these cars at about the time the Frisco was attempting to acquire the CofGA, which would have been just prior to the Southern takeover. Early sixties, maybe? Sorry, no pictures. I was just a kid, when I saw them. And,yes, they were similar to the Atlas model. The Bay Line uses this type of car for coil steel service and can be seen in Panama City.

-- Stephen Cargile (, November 13, 1999.

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