What role do dreams play in transpersonal pshchology?

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I am interested in any information that I can obtain on the role of dreams in transpersonal psychology. I am attempting to write a paper on the subject but I'm having a difficult time obtaining the necessary infomation. Any suggestions on books or journals relating to the subject would also be helpful.

-- Megan K. Rossmann (MRoss080@aol.com), April 01, 1999


i understand how hard it can be to fine information about your subject, i am a transpersonal student and have found that many of the questions i want answers to i can find within my own self. i know that that is not very helpful when you are writing a paper but is a good place to find resources. i would suggest Jung, Carl. any readings the you can find would be helpful to you, he is the man who started to use the transpersonal (word) within the contexted of psychology and he is one of the best resource to turn to for any sort of dream work. from my own experience i find that the role of dreams in transpersonal psychology has to do with consciousness, finding ones strengths and weaknesses. the more one works with dreams with a transpersonal view the better one has a strong self awarness and is more able to go beyond the self which is what i feel is most important in our day to day life, the ability to go beyond thy self to help all to gain a more joyious exsitance. excuse any miss spelling when i am not writting my school papers i don't correct my work. i know that you will find the answers that you seek. paulette

-- Paulette Aileen Smith (psmith@quest-net.com), May 24, 2000.

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