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The "Y2k bug to blight the countryside" article below points out (again) that farming is a largely neglected area in terms of highly visible y2k information. When compared to the attention paid to almost all other major segments of our world - what the situation is, what those in the particular industries focused on should and can be doing about it - you'd think farmers are either immune to the problem or those thinking about y2k think we can eat electricity, checks, phones, and spare parts, and wash it all down with a nice hot cuppa oil. Not to drift too far afield, but it always reminds me of the old song Ry Cooder sang and played so well about 25 years ago - "The Farmer Is The Man":

The farmer comes to town in his wagon broken down,
He's livin' on his credit until fall
Oh what would we do if the farmer laid down his tools?
We'd see that it's the farmer who feeds us all.

The banker says he's broke, 'cause the merchant's up in smoke -
They forget that it's the farmer that feeds us all.
It would put them to the test if the farmer took a rest -
They'd see that it's the farmer who feeds us all.

Amen. If you've got any tips, pointers, etc., on where the farmer can go for guidance, please post them here or add links and descriptions to the (mighty lean) "Farming" page in the Shared Resources section of the Millennium Salons (under "Tools & Resources").

If you're one of those people who feeds us all, or you're in touch with any of them, you may want to look at or let them know about the "Y2K and Agriculture: Are Canadian Farmers Ready?" thread in the Millennium Salons forum. It provides an overview of what some of the y2k ag thinking in Canada is, as well as a reference to the web site mentioned there that contains a year 2000 online booklet farmers can use to help them deal with the problem. That booklet is located at:

Here's that article from the United Kingdom (where cows are cows, crops are crops, and chickens are chickens, just like they are about everywhere).

Posted 11/03/99 1:34pm by Linda Harrison at:

Y2k bug to blight the countryside

The Millennium bug yesterday singled out its next victim - our agricultural community. Yes, farmers may have to stay sober this New Year's Eve to cope with the threat of Y2k.

The bug could see already hard pressed farmers milking cows and feeding chickens by hand.

This unusual sector of the technology industry doesn't often make the IT press, but the Daily Telegraph today highlighted the dangers involved.

The latest blow to farmers came when the government claimed they were not taking the flesh-eating millennium bug seriously and were consequently endangering the countrys food supplies.

As if farmers didn't have enough to worry about, what with the price of fertiliser these days, but their animals may go unmilked and unfed and fruit and vegetables go off if computer run machines are not protected.

Milking machines, feeding systems and cold stores are often now run on automatic machinery. Battery hen houses and pig rearing units could find ventilation and feeding systems disrupted. In addition there may not be enough manpower to do the work by hand, what with all those 1 January pounding heads, defunct cash machines and public transport up the chute.

Lord Donoughue, the farming industry minister, said: "This is an issue which the whole industry needs to take seriously. Some people are already working to beat the problem but it is vital that everyone takes action now."

The Daily Telegraph tracked down a Hampshire broiler farm owner, William McKenzie. "We are taking no chances. Both my brother and I will be stone cold sober on the night of the Millennium just in case something goes wrong," he said.

Naturally, Team Register will be also be staying sober so that we can fill our site with stories about the Y2k bug bringing IT systems to their knees.

-- Bill (, March 31, 1999


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-- Bill (, March 31, 1999.

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