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Ed Yourdon's latest essay on "Y2k And the Year of Living Dangerously: Refuting the Y2k "3-day Snowstorm" metaphor, can be found at

It is long, and good, and worth the read.

Peter de Jager recently came underfire for his essay "Doomsday Avoided". Here are both the essay and his response to critiques of his words in this essay. He's quite clearly stating that he is not, and never has been, touting "no preparedness necessary".

Both of these programmer/writers have done a fantastic job in educating us about the complex interplay between the technologies we wield, and the blythe disregard with which we often wield them. I follow their words carefully, noting that they are both capable of watching the continuum of probability unfold, and simultaneously considering more than two options.

Cory Hamasaki's latest:

Weather Reports

Cory's home page

A good thread on the state of things now, through Cory's eyes...

Csy2k - Cory thread"

-- Cynthia Beal (, March 31, 1999

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