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What is default shutter speed the 35EL goes to when it can't match the aperture? Not clear?...let's say you shoot in complete darkness, what shutter speed would that be...better...

Thanks in advance

-- J.S (, March 31, 1999


When I shot in complete darkness to do some light painting with a flashlight, my EL should stayed open for more than 30 secs. It closed immediately when I turned on the room lights !!

I'm not sure what the official figure is but I think maximum shutter speed on auto should be in the 30 sec range. If u want to go semi manual, pushing in the little lever in your hotshoe will fix the shutter speed at 1/125, and u can adjust aperture at will.

Have fun!

-- Raymond Ang (, April 02, 1999.

According to reader Bob, who uses M, P and G series of Minox 35mm cameras, he found that some of these cameras, in particular G series camera including GT-X has very long shutter time in the dark. He reported that at ASA25, the shutter can be as long as 30 minutes instead of 30 sec in manual.

I hence tested my GT-E in darkroom, with door close and light off, ASA=100. According to manual, the longest shutter time is 8 sec. But my GT-E shutter opened much longer than 2 minutes, so long that I cannot wait and open the light-- then I heard a "CLICK" and the shutter closed.

This undocumented long shutter time is very useful for low light photography

-- martin tai (, July 19, 1999.

I have also testet my GT-E in a dark room. The longest shuttertime I got was about 15 min! ASA 25 + Backligth switch: 15 min ASA 25: 8 min ASA 50: 4 min ASA 100: 2 min ASA 200: 1 min

-- Oyvind Balstad (, July 20, 1999.

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