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I have just been served with a Summons. My property is on the market at the moment. Will the lenders give me a little time to sell the property or will they just go ahead and repossess without giving me a chance to do so. I know that they just accept the first price that they will be offered although I know that I can get that little bit more.

-- Lorraine Woodley (, March 31, 1999


Put this in writing to them, attend the court case saying you are trying to sell it - the judges look dimly on repossessions where the lender is getting in the way of the borrower selling it at market value.

Try to get proof of the price you think you can get for it: estate agent's valuations, that sort of thing.

Whatever you do, write to the lender to let them know you are trying to do this and attend the court hearing.

Good luck.

-- Lee (, March 31, 1999.

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