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I would appreciate some help on use of Binocular adaptor with Minox B.

1) How should focus be set 2) Guidance on exposure 3) Can any magnification/objective size be used or are some better than others 4) How closely does view through binoculars match image photographed.

As I have acquired the accessory without any instructions , any suggestions appreciated.


-- Andrew Thomas (, March 30, 1999


For the technique on tele photo with MINOX see Peter Zimmerman's excellent article at MPL site


-- martin tai (, March 31, 1999.

Minox binocular adapter was originally disigned for use with binocular. But binocular adapter has other uses:

-- martin tai (, May 01, 1999.

MINOX binocular adapter is a very useful accesory, it immensely extends the application of MINOX camera.

For detail about how to use binocular adapter for macro photography see Macro Photography with Minox"

-- martin tai (, June 04, 1999.


Teleminox is a term coined by Joseph Cooper. In his book Minox Manual he devoted chapter XII to 'tele-minox" Tele minox using a Minox binocular clamp to attach Minox camera to binocular or telescope. Teleminox is another uniuquely Minox technique.Other subminciature cameras use afocal attachment, for example Rollei 16 uses 1.7x mutar, Gami, Steky also have their afocal telephoto attacment lens

Teleminox can extend the range of Minox.

With careful calibration of eash binocular with test rolls of film, teleminox can provide reasonably good pictures-- as good as Minox EC.

For examples, see thread

-- martin tai (, November 03, 2000.

Binocular extends the range of Minox's 15mm lens. In 35mm photography, 300-400mm is a popular telephoto lens the equivalent for Minox is a binocular with 6 to 8 magnification, A 6x to 7x binocular still can be handheld with appropriate film, and not too heavy.

Pointing a binocular to bright sky and look from the back, the small bring circle (or diamond ) is the 'exit pupil' of this binocular; it can be measured, or calculated by dividing the diameter from front lens by the magnifcation. For example 7x42mm bino has exit pupil = 7mm, a 7x35mm bino has exit pupil = 5mm. Since the aperture opening of Minox lens is 15/3.5= 4.25mm, any binocular with exit pupil >=5mm will be sufficient' smaller than that will cause vignette.

-- martin tai (, November 06, 2000.

If you are into bird/wild life photography with Minox, a 10x50 binocular with tripod thread is a good option, Spoting scope provides longer range.

Prices of binocular vary widely from twenties to couple hundreds.

Start with cheaper binocular in order to practise and learn how to calibrate i. Only after you sucesssful capture on film what ever you see thru the binucular, don't rush to buy expensive binocular. Because more often then not, the culprit of fuzzy teleminox picture is poor focusing. For example, if you can see a car license plate 100 meters away thru your bino, but it failed to show on the print, you have to recalibrate again. Yes, it is a lot harder than taking plain Minox pictures.

And really far way object is easier then closer objects.

-- martin tai (, November 06, 2000.

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