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My wife has a memory from childhood of riding the Tammy Ammy Champion (SP?) in the early 1940's and is seeking more information about it. Hoping to maybe also get direction to a book, photos, etc.

-- mike george (, March 30, 1999


You are no doubt referring to the Tamiami Champion, which the ACL operated from mid-1942 to mid-1944. This name was given to the Champion when it was expanded to two trains, one going to the original destination of Miami and the other a west coast train to Tampa/St. Petersburg - hence the name, which took "Ta" from Tampa and combined it with "Miami." The name was used only for those two years although the Champion continued running in east and west coast trains throughout the ACL years.

Two books provide some information and photos on these trains, one already in print, "By Streamliner, New York to Florida," by Joe Welsh (Andover Junction, 1994), the other to be released in June by TLC Publishing, "Atlantic Coast Line Passenger Service - The Postwar Years," by Larry Goolsby. The latter book will be available through the Society's product sales division for $22 before July 1, $25 after, plus $3 s/h.

Larry Goolsby

-- Larry Goolsby (, March 30, 1999.

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