C&G refuse letting, forcing me into arrears - Possession order granted

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Following separation and divorce, x-wife (Joint mortgagor)goes bankrupt leaving me (f/t student away at Uni))to pay mortgage. Had previously let it - with permission from C&G - but refused now. Have not been able to pay mortgage, so proposed 3 options to C&G: 1 Give me permission to let, thereby enabling me to meet payments. 2 I sell, obtaining better price than C&G could (value #34000, mortgage #36000, builder's 20% due c.#8500 - #10000). or 3 they repossess and sell at (prob) a much lower price than I could. Having done all I can to save the property - C&G have been awarded a possession order, now enforceable (as of yesterday). I am poor now, but after graduation in two years I plan to be in a v good job - any ideas? Anyone interested in hearing about DODGY C&G practices? - Get in touch;I have been on the receiving end.

-- Ian Lloyd (idlloyd@globalnet.co.uk), March 30, 1999


Did you attend the re-possession hearing?

-- (alison.brown@bae.co.uk), March 31, 1999.

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