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the new proto 2000 gp 30's r nice but are the numbers correct i've got both numbers #900 and #906 and were they ever in the purple paint scheme and what number series were they.also is the new proto 2000 flat cars that they make in ACL were they correct to be black and have reporting marks acl then have it speeled out in the low left hand corner of the car and is the number series correct?

-- Russell Campbell (, March 29, 1999


The numbers and paint are correct on both the Lifelike ACL GP30s and flat cars. The GP30s were built in 1963 so came in the black scheme; the purple scheme was discontinued after 1957. GP30s were numbered 900-908. The flat car lettering is correct for their as-delivered scheme; starting about 1951 the scheme would have had Prismo visibility blocks added. Then about 1956 the scheme was changed to just the initials and number without the spelled-out "Atlantic Coast Line."

-- Larry Goolsby (, March 29, 1999.

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