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Please send me materials about Boris Vian. I need it for writing an article. Also I really interested in jazz and any other musical projects of Vian. Regards and thanks. Marat

-- Marat V. Vorontsov (uusshhaa@hotmail.com), March 28, 1999


If you select the pictures in the book covers section you will find bio material in the links.

-- Robert Whyte (rob@toadshow.com.au), July 09, 1999.

Boris Vian was born in Ville d4Abray( or something like that). The question is not his technical biography, the point is that someone that lives life whith such intensity does not deserve being forgotten.This is my tribute to him, and I love finding people interested in him and his work.

-- elisa rmsquez (elisaoo7@latinmail.es), August 31, 2000.

alameda high school sucks. i have to write an article, too

-- robert (smartxone@hotmail.com), September 07, 2003.

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