67 mm filters on SWC

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I recently purchased a Hasselblad SWC. To my delight I discovered that it was threaded for 67mm filters rather than than the dicontinued 63mm that I had understood to be normal. Everything I read makes no mention of this filter size being on SWCs. The workmanship of the threading is of Hasselblad quality, and the 67mm filters seem to fit properly and flush with the lens. Does anyone know if this filter size was supplied by Hasselblad, or was it converted after purchase?

-- Frederick Gantz (drgantz@cvn.net), March 27, 1999


My Super Wide C also has a 67mm filter ring. I believe it is standard on all.

-- Paul Minkus (dkurtz@mc.net), November 16, 1999.

I'll hazard a guess. My 50mm C Distagon also takes a 67mm filter..... but I don't believe it's supposed to. The thread is for a retaining ring for a Wratten Series "something" (8?) filter, which is unthreaded and, I'll be if you measured one, they'd be 63 mm across. Hey, at least it's plausible.

Pete Schermerhorn, in the glorious Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts

-- Pete Schermerhorn (PeteScherm@aol.com), January 03, 2000.

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